An innovative project the applies significant technical skills and technology knowledge to the food service, specifically about coffee.

Traditionally, the control of induction motors is analogic, and value-calculations are influecend from external factors, such as temperature, net frequency and frictions. Thay can even vary up to 20%: so they are not easy to control. This motors easily overheat and are very noisy.

The Brushless motor, instead, is controlled in a digital way, through an electronic board that makes over 100 millions of operations every second. This allow to control, accurately, the acceleration, the torque and many others parameters in order to obtain a perfect functioning and ignoring the external influences.

There is no way to overheat!

Low rotations

The motor rotation speed, of the coffee grinder MAXENA, is programmable from 0 to 600 rounds per minute without using mechanical reducer.

The low rotation grounding, with the power of a Brushless motor, do not overheat the coffee powder, avoiding to turn rancid the fat oils contained in the beans, preserving the aroma.

A completely differt tune!

During the process of

Thanks to the control of the motor with the sinusoidal technique fiel-oriented, it is possible a very silent rotation of the grinder.

The fluid movements, the flawless mechanics and high quality constructions materials, will give you a higher comfort.

Constant and repetitive!


The motor of Maxena grinder is equipped with an outstanding torque that allows to a more fluid rotations with no rips or vibrations: this way the grain is worked progressively from the grinder, and permit a constant and controlled granulometry according to the needs.

For a cleaner world!

For every coffee

The innovative motor of the grinder Maxena can convert the 95% of electrical power into mechanic energy, performing a remarkable energy saving. Moreover, its power reduce the grinding time preparing a dose of coffee in few seconds.

Always get
the best!

On demand system

The dimensions of Maxena motor allow to reduce the problem of retention in the grinding chamber, by reducing it to almost zero. All the coffee powder will be gathered in the filter-holder and every coffee will be extract with totally fresh powder, with no residues from the previous grinding.

The accuracy
in grams!

Of powder for every

Seeing that the quantity of requested powder is given by the rotations of the grinder and not from timing, we made completely programmable and precise the rounds per minute: so every cup will contain the exact same amount of coffee powder..